February 4, 2010 at 9:23 am (SIY - Slim It Yourself)


*Retail Price : RM198.00

*2 Box : RM179

*3 Box : RM165

*5 Box : Please email us for quo !

*With free shipping..

Researchers were able to combine 2 unique formulations ( S.I.Y DAY & S.I.Y NIGHT ) with each three of the most efficient active ingredients, to end up with a concentrated Slimming Formula offered as super essence liquid. S.I.Y is manufactured via Super Critical CO2 Nano Liquid Technology, when we consume, it will immediately assimilated by our body and the active ingredient throught to the heart of our body cell. The active ingredients of S.I.Y . will further dislodge all of the fat clusters from adipose tissues and drain cellulite & other fats until their complete evacuation.


Remarkable Benefits

WITH 6 Most Effective Active Ingredients & 15 Extraordinary Benefits

Lipolysis :Breakdown accumulated and stubborn fat (Adipose Tissure).

Build lean muscle and inhibit fat storage.

Anti-cellulite : Eliminate orange-peel skin effect.

Firming & restore youthful vitality of our body skin.

Thermo-genesis : Prolong the effect of fat burning & turning fat into energy for body   consumption.

Regulate body function & metabolism to the optimum level or ability to burn calories, without producing negative side effects on the central nervous system & the cardiovascular system.

Reduce appetite : Control the feeling or hunger.

Thin the waitst line, hips, t highs, knees, tone up & shape the buttocks.

Stimulate bowel movement & increase nutrient & water absorption in the small & large intestine.

Improve immune system & blood circulation.

Relive constipation & fatigue.

Relive pressure.

Strengthen liver & remove body toxins.

Nourish our body with multi vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids from pearl enzymes.



Except those On Extreme Medication.


During S.I.Y. Therapy, We Suggest The Following Habits To Double The Slimming Effort

1.  Reduce the intake of foodshigh in fats and carbohydrates such as roti canai,kuih koci,doughnuts, food containing coconut milk, nasi lemak, fast food such as pizza, fried chicken and chocolate.

2. Avoid sweet drinks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

3. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday.

4. To speed up results who wanted to loose weight for 10 days 3-5kg, carry out daily light exercise for 10-15 minutes or use a sauna.


Morning once 1 bottle after food

At Night 1 bottle before sleep



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